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Above: The flange facing machine base mounted into the flange bore, showing the setting straps. – Photo credit: Carlos Garcia

This case study describes how a Mirage Flange Facing Machine was rapidly deployed to carry out an emergency repair at a vessel fabrication shop.


A fabrication shop responsible for the vessel manufacture used in the petrochemical industries needed a damaged flange to be re-faced quickly before shipping to their customer.

The damage to the flange was caused by tools being accidentally dropped on to the raised face sealing area.

The flange size was 20” ID with an OD of 26” and the material was Carbon Steel 4140.

Above: The full machine assembly mounted into the flange.


An on-site machining company located 45 minutes away was contacted to carry out the emergency resurface.

The machine used was a pneumatically powered Mirage MM860i, which is an internal mount machine capable of machining up to 36” diameter.

A total of 0.030” was taken off the flange face, using 3 passes of 0.010”.

Above: The damaged flange surface before and after machining.


– The damaged flange was repaired quickly and to the required specification.

The machinist and co-worker were able to set the machine up in just 15 minutes.

Despite the air supply on-site being just 40 psi, the machine operated smoothly and efficiently.

Total time for set up and machining was less than the time taken to get to the job site.

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