Case Study Mirage machines


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Develop machines to drill out the blade retaining pins for use when refurbishing turbine blades and to provide an accurate method of cutting the worn and damaged blade tips efficiently and precisely.


Mirage developed the PD760 and BLS760.

The PD760 removed the need to use pistol drills with fixtures and reduced the volume of tooling consumed in the drilling operation

Using the BLS760 to cut worn and damaged blade tips efficiently and precisely saved valuable time in the refurbishment process


–  The PD760 Pin Drill improved the accuracy of the drilling, resulting in a saving of 6 hours.

– The BLS760 Blade saw led to an improvement in the health and safety record for this operation. It shortened the blade cutting time from 2 hours to 8 minutes and resulted in 4 complete turbine refurbishment projects with no accidents or LTI.

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