Case Study Mirage machines


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Above: The DDU1636 Casing Double Pin Drill installed in-situ -drilling holes for 6″ pins..


Design a system to enable the drilling and pinning of multiple casing strings for offshore decommissioning projects. Solution to be used for surface and subsea applications.


Equipment used for creating lift holes:Mirage DDU1636 Casing Pin Drill.

For surface cuts the double drill unit clamped onto the casing using a swing gate. When securely clamped into position the auto-feed system can feed the cutters through the casing wall.

Equipment used for severing casings: Mirage BS3248SS

Above: The BS3248 Band Saw clamped onto a casing


For the drilling operation, a 48” multiple casing can be drilled in approximately 15 minutes –giving a fast, efficient, cost effective cold cutting method for inserting lifting pins into multiple casing strings (with or without grouted annuli).

The system has been used extensively in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico to pin up to 48” multiple casing strings.

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