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pile cutting with diamond wire saw


Our customer, OPEC Systems, purchased a Mirage Diamond Wire Saw for a major project at Hamilton Wharves in Australia.
The project involved the demolition of wharf structures including the removal of over 1500 piles.
These piles varied from timber with concrete sleeves to hollow and concrete filled steel piles some of which exceeded a metre in diameter.


OPEC deployed three full time dive crews that utilized a range of innovative underwater cutting tools, including Mirage’s MDWS1638 Diamond Wire
Saw, which was used cut through the 200 steel and concrete piles.
The MDWS1638 used by OPEC has the capacity to clamp onto and cut cylindrical items from 16” up to 38” using hydraulic clamping jaws and an automatic feed.
The hydraulically powered saw is one of the four different sized variants in the Mirage line-up, each designed for quick cutting through dissimilar materials and resisting compressive forces. In addition to providing the Diamond Wire Saw, Mirage also supplied the diesel driven hydraulic power pack, hose kits and the control panel. The project lasted for four months and the Diamond Wire Saw was in continuous use every day.


The client’s project was successful, with 200 steel and concrete piles being removed, thanks to the Mirage Diamond Wire Saw.


Basil Tyson (Research and Development) at OPEC Systems:

“We certainly put the saw through its paces. It was in the water for pretty much the whole duration of the project and aside from usual maintenance requirements we had no issues with it.
The saw successfully fulfilled its purpose. The service from Mirage Machines was excellent. Chris Hayton (Technical Sales) was easy to deal with and was prompt to respond to our requests. The parts we needed always came in good time.”

Rick Wakefield (Subsea Dive Supervisor), OPEC Systems:

“The Diamond Wire Saw was reliable and easy to use. said that maintenance of the saw was the key.”


The hydraulically powered MDWS1638 is one of several different sized machines in the Mirage line-up, each designed for quick cutting through
dissimilar materials and resisting compressive forces. The products have been used for numerous projects across the world, with typical cutting applications including pipelines, risers, chains, wellheads, flowlines, offshore platform removal, piles, plus single and multi-string casings.

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